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REFUND WORLD IS A BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE- (Mailed every other month).  The MAR/APRIL 2018 issue was mailed FEBRUARY 8th. There are some excellent copyable forms and very good free sample offers in this issue.

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A BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE. With the information supplied in our excellent consumer service refund magazine, Refund World, you will be able to save on food, household and cosmetic items. Refunds are obtained from the manufacturer for proofs of purchase from designated products. You will see refund offers in this magazine that you would never imagine existed for brand name items.

REFUND WORLD also includes free sample offers, new products, opinions of gifts received from promotions, Company Letters, Forms by Choice, where you can get many forms for offers, and Editorial Comments where offers and other deals are discussed.

Many manufacturers are so sure that you will like their products once tried, that they offer ( for a limited time) to refund all or part of your purchase price. Others will send a coupon good for a second package free, or give a merchandise gift in exchange for a proof of purchase from their product . Some items and refunds are, believe it or not, worth more in value than the actual price paid for the products that you purchased. Some examples were a $12.95 Proctor Toaster given for 3 - 8 oz. Maxim coffee innerseals; a $15.95 Wall Clock given for 3 - 8 oz. Tasters Choice innerseals and a $25.00 refund for Cheer Detergent. One of the best gifts ever offered was by Camel cigarettes for a free $600 pool table. Marlboro and Newport have given away coats, jackets and electronics. How can companies do this? They hope that you will like their products and continue to use them.

REFUND WORLD compiles offers from all over the country. Many of these are advertised locally, but valid nationally. This is the reason that few offers are seen. Many companies place refund forms in supermarkets, but most times these forms are taken so quickly that you never find out about them. These offers are listed in Refund World.

You get complete details of what and where to send for refunds. Each bi-monthly (every other month) issue has over 200 new offers. It includes a complete classified ad section for trading forms, coupons, etc. and personal drawing ads. The magazine is mailed 2nd class. For example, the SEPT/OCT issue would be sent out by August 10th.

REFUND WORLD is only $4.75 a copy (sample copies are sent by first class mail), $11.00 for 6 months or $20.00 per year. The magazine has been recommended by the Phila. Inquirer Magazine (twice), the Youngstown, OH Vindicator & Arizona Republic newspapers, Womans Day, The Catholic Digest, the former Betty Hughes TV show and Action News in Phila. You may order by mail by sending a money order to Refund World, Box 16001, Phila., PA 19114 or by credit card below

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