Rare, "Peace" poster, done in 1993, commemorating the only known artwork created collaboratively by the four Beatles. The original artwork was contributed by the Beatles to the famous 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. The colorful artwork was then kept by a private collector who issued the rights to its reproduction to Planet Gear, Inc.

Tom Wilkes of Planet Gear, designed a magnificent poster of this Beatles drawing in 1993, which is a tribute to the 1967 Monterey Festival where singers like Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix were just gaining fame.

The drawing shows the strange thinking that such creative talent as the Beatles possessed. Written along the side of the drawing are the words "Congratulations Elvis. Say hello to Uncle Stan. How are you Bob". The Beatles also promoted their album of the year "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on the painting. It is signed " John, Paul, George and the last signature appears to say "Harold", but it may be Ringo.

The poster measures 20"x30" with the actual drawing size about 13"x20". The poster background is dark green with white lettering.

As the main distributor of these posters (done in limited number- less than 800) I can offer them to you for $110.00 each which includes priority mail shipping. This is still a great price. In 1996, we began selling these posters for $50 each. The price has risen to $110.00 each as the supply gets scarcer. We expect the price to go up further. For Canada & Mexico add $15 additional, All other countries add $30 additional. The posters originally were designed to retail for $300+ in 1993. The posters are shipped, insured, in the ORIGINAL, UNOPENED, stiff cardboard container that we purchased. As of now, the limit is one per customer, as we want as many Beatles fans who want one or two to get them. Each poster comes with a certificate of authenticity from Planet Gear, Inc.

For information about the Monterey Pop Festival. There is also a picture of the original artwork, well into the site (This is a very informative, award winning, site - we are using it as a historical information guideline only) click on


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Poster prices
Any questions or to be sure we have stock left, just send us an email by clicking on highlighted "Beatles Poster" Beatles Poster. Offer good while quantities last. Check with us by email ( before sending anything to make sure posters are left and have one reserved for you. We will hold it for 5 days only.

This ad was placed here in July 2005. As of July 15, 2014, we still have about 3 left. This promotion is found only on a few search engines. One TV shopping network was selling these posters obtained from the John Lennon Foundation for $150 until they ran out. This was over 10 years ago. Some other dealers have a small supply of these posters and are selling them for over $200 each.

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